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Models For Hire - Book Models offers all the modeling ingredients you need to book models and create a successful event, production, experience, party, photo-shoot, or gathering. Find and book over 100+ different types of models, from amateur models to brand ambassadors, to event models, promotional models, fashion models, and more. With a network of models in over 90 cities, Book Models is an online modeling platform and results-focused experiential marketing firm that offers innovative solutions to help individuals, brands, and businesses enhance their creative projects or connect with their target audience.

Become A Model - Book Models is recruiting models for shoots, events, gigs, and other modeling opportunities. If you love connecting with people, getting creative, working the camera, working social media, traveling, or attending events, then working as a Book Model might be the perfect gig for you.

Models For Hire 2024 Rankings
Amateur Models
This is the heart of Book Models as we are here to help launch and connect models with successful and positive modeling experiences. An amateur model is someone who may be just starting out with their modeling experience and considers modeling as a pastime or hobby... Amateur Models
Festival Models
If you love music and you love connecting with people, then working at a music festival as an experiential model might be the perfect gig for you. Festival models are hired by producers, promoters, brands, sponsors, companies, vendors, DJs/bands to execute... Festival Models
Promotional Models
Promotional modeling is for businesses and clients who are looking for someone who is the right fit to represent and market their product or company. Models booked for promotions are strategically selected based on their appearance and... Promotional Models
Fashion Models
Calling anyone and everyone who enjoys being on display, promoting products, and the power of marketing through being a visual aid for people. Fashion model is an incredibly broad term encompassing any modeling work associated with wearing and displaying different types of fashion... Fashion Models

Why Book Models?

BookModels is a Models In Marketing Company. We Value and Deliver:

  • Safety & security
  • Identity verification
  • No contracts or strings
  • 100% Inclusive platform
  • Transparent pricing
  • Technology focused
  • Simple user experience
  • Ethnic and cultural diversity
  • Experiential marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Premier Partner Network

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Top Model Events:


Attendees: 135,300
Available Models
Social Influencers
Highly influential and everyone's favorite obsession to follow make up the social influencer segment. Social influencers thrive based on their likeability and the ability to connect with and influence others through the creation of digital content..... Social Influencers
Event Models
Event Models are the largest segment of any model type by far. With thousands of Event Models to choose from, trade show models take the forefront when representing various brands, services, and products at promotional and marketing events.... Event Models
Atmosphere Models
Ambiance or Atmosphere models are meant to meet and greet guests, make small talk, and help make the occasion a welcoming and positive presence for attendees. They are expected to keep conversations going... Atmosphere Models
Brand Ambassadors
A brand ambassador model is someone hired by a company or corporation for the primary purpose of representing their brand. As part of the subgroup of promotional modeling, brand ambassadors are the visual marketing strategy to represent a brand or product.... Brand Ambassadors

Book Models Online:

New York City Models

New York City

The Modeling Capital of the United States. Why? It's no coincidence that the city of modeling also happens to be the largest city by population in the US.
New York City Models
Las Vegas Models

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the trade show modeling capital of the world. Also known as promotion models, this type of model is well versed in b2c communication and marketing.
Las Vegas Models
Los Angeles Models

Los Angeles

Do you need models in LA? Do you need to hire models in LA for your next event, trade show, gathering, or party?
Los Angeles Models

Best Cities For Modeling

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Leaders in Models For Hire: Experiential Marketing with Models

BookModels is a 100% inclusive amateur modeling platform that offers a safe and secure environment where models and clients (from amateur to professional) can connect, network, and form working relationships. Become a Book Model today!

BookModels is the #1 platform for models and clients that value safety, inclusion, transparency, technology, empowerment, contract-free relationships, and many more features not found in the traditional modeling agency business model. With a base of models in over 90 cities, BookModels employs its network of clients, models, partners, brands, creative minds, and connections to deliver imaginative and innovative experiential model marketing campaigns that captivate, engage, add value, and invest in the event attendees overall experience.

We help to properly immerse brands deep into the core of understanding of event culture and community. And once absorbed, it is our job to stand out in the crowd. Our network of experiential festival models intends to enhance and freshen the way brands, sponsors, and clients use events and festivals to interact with their consumers.

Today, marketing with people, models, in an experiential way, has become an essential part of our advertising and marketing culture and consumption. Models are being used in marketing as we have never seen before, and we consider it a privilege to be able to further that movement. As modeling and technology continue to adapt, one thing will never change: we will always be helping you book models.

“Models can change people because they are people.”

Interacting with a book model is an incredibly powerful human experience, and its no wonder over $1.5 Billion is spent on modeling to further that initiative every year. Our objective is to build the smartest and simplest technology that will solve the challenges of the model-agent-client relationship and break down the remaining barriers to finding and booking model, social, and event talent.

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Trending Model Types:

Car Show Model

Car Show Model

Quite possibly the most popular model type of 2023! Get your models for your 2024 product lines.
Car Show Models
Fitness Model

Fitness Model

Fitness is in, and exploding in popularity and pop culture. This Genre of Model is requested in over 25% of ad campaigns in 2024!
Fitness Models
Social Influencer

Social Influencer

Are you in need of a social influencer model to promote your product or service?
Social Influencers