Festival Modeling
By Ariel D.

Festival Modeling 101

If you love music and you love connecting with people, especially strangers, then working at a music festival as an experiential model might be the perfect gig for you. Experiential modeling is essentially the application of modeling to create a unique experience.

BookModels, an online modeling platform, and experiential marketing consulting company is seeking festival models to work as 1099 independent contractors for the 2020 festival season.

Festival Modeling 101

Festival Models

Festival models are hired by producers, promoters, brands, sponsors, companies, vendors, DJs/bands, and other entities to execute and assist in a variety of branding, marketing, operational, and special team’s campaigns and duties.

The majority of festival models are empowered by a client or sponsor to help raise brand awareness and ultimately increase sales by employing a variety of experiential marketing and modeling strategies. Typical duties include promoting products or services, generating hard and soft leads, interacting with as many festival attendees as possible, and connecting with consumers with a positive and respectful attitude.

In many cases, experiential models are also utilized to invest in the festival culture and community, not just market to it. Brands and companies are starting to use festival models to positively impact the experience and culture they are immersed in. Some examples of this include a safety and wellness modeling team, a Plur team, and anti-pickpocketing initiatives.

Fans attend festivals for three main reasons – the music, the art, and the cultural experience created by fusing the two. Festivals are positive, creative, unforgettable experiences that set an optimal environment to add more value to with experiential modeling.

Festivals are the pioneers of experience at the forefront of pushing boundaries to mind-blowing levels. Festival models are efficient vessels for brands, sponsors, and vendors to directly reach and engage their target audience when their auditory and visual perceptions are elevated to the highest levels.

Live music events offer attendees the opportunity of eye-opening, life-changing experiences in person, in a world where screen time increases daily. Festivals improve our mood, not only in real-time but far after the experience has ended. Festivals also strengthen our connections, not just with the music, but with people, brands, sharing, and memories.

Brands and companies are realizing and understanding the value of the festival consumer and are spending significant dollars connecting to the live music attendee. But are they actually creating a positive vibe and memory with the fan through an experiential moment? Festival models help accomplish the disconnect and simply make the connections real, lasting, and memorable.

People are constantly being deprived of human interaction, so to be approached and connect with a model is a fantastic experience that touches people with raw emotion. And the festival community and culture is perhaps the most perceptive and influential subset of consumers in our modern-day American society. So keep all of this in mind as its essential to building your unique marketing style and brand.

Festival Models

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