Social Influencer Basics
By Ariel D.

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New careers are springing up nowadays, and one of them is social media influencers. In a simple term, a social media influencer is a person who uses social media to establish credibility in a specified industry. These people have access to a very large audience. They have the ability to persuade them to do something if they recommend it to them.

As a result of their authenticity, their viewers tend to believe whatever they recommend to them. They have the quality of motivating people to expand their social reach. A social media influencer does not necessarily need to be a celebrity; it can be a blogger or an online entrepreneur. The most important thing is the ability to motivate people to do something. There is nothing special about the concept called social media influencers; they are just ordinary people like you and I. The difference is that they represent the general public. The social media influencers have the ability to affect the sales of a product through their reviews about the product to their followers. They are mostly found on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. 

Be Influential

Social Media Influencer Categories

The celebrities

These are the first kind of social media influencers. They include politicians, artists, footballers, comedians, etc. It also includes anyone with over 1 million followers and whose post can gain a 5% engagement on any of the social media platforms. Due to their status, they can easily influence their followers to do something.

The macro-influencers

In this kind, they have less than 1 million followers. These one's posts can gain a 10% engagement on any of the social media platforms. They influence their followers too.

The micro-influencers

In this category, their followers' base is 500. Anyone under this category must be able to gain 25% engagement via his post on any of the social media platforms. 

Advantages of being a social media influencer

You can earn money

Most people would be happy to hear this. One of the benefits of becoming a social media influencer is that you can make money. Some social media influencers make millions of dollars every year through their social platforms.

You can become a prolific figure

Some people are not celebrities at first when they created an account on social media platforms. They rose to become a prolific figure due to their specialist skills, knowledge, and expertise. Becoming a social media influencer can turn you into a celebrity.

You can become a brand ambassador

Being a social media influencer has turn people into brand ambassadors for several companies. If your social media account possesses a huge follower base, the company would want to promote their products through you.

You are independent

As a social media influencer, you do not need an office before you can operate. It allows you to be independent on your own. At any location, you can do your work and get your followers motivated to do something.

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Social Media Influencer Categories