Modeling Advice For Newbies
By Elisa C.

Advice For Amateur Models

Modeling is a tough industry to break into and to turn into a lifelong career. It helps to receive tips to get started. Following is modeling advice for newbies.

Advice For Amateur Models

4 Newbie Modeling Tips

Not everyone is meant to be a fashion model

Most think of modeling as the top fashion model seen on the cover of magazines or on runways at designer shows. There is a lot more to modeling than this fashion model form. There is also commercial modeling, which can be done both locally or nationally. Commercial modeling uses a broader range of body types to promote brands. Some even focus on one part of the model, such as their hands.

Never pay too much upfront

As a new model, don’t be fooled into thinking you need to shell out tons of money for classes or photo-shoots. You never need to pay a lot of money for photos or to pay a talent scout to determine whether or not you’re good enough to model. You should also never be so eager that you lose sight of morals or safety. Never send a nude shot or pose for a nude photo-shoot with the promise of making it in the big time. Most true model agencies will simply want to see a snapshot along with basic stats such as age, height, measurements, or clothing size range. And, smile in your headshot but not unnaturally. Be aware of any agency that requires you to pay money upfront or that you shoot with a particular photographer for a high cost. The money made should come from the booking or job they land for you, and they should never be in it to get a cut from attempting to get you a job.

Do your homework

Before you submit any photos, research modeling agencies, and the industry, so you know exactly what to expect. Today’s online world allows this to be done at your fingertips quickly. Watch runway shows on YouTube and visit magazine racks to see what kind of modeling work is available. Also, learn the industry or brand you want to model for. Today, many are looking for broader ethnic representation than ever before.

Set up a digital portfolio

In years gone by, a model wannabe needed a headshot printed with portfolios and tear sheets. Nowadays, these same headshots and portfolios have gone digital. All you need is to show your iPad or email these photos. No need to lug around unnecessary folders anymore.

4 Newbie Modeling Tips