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If you are proud and confident to show off all of those beautiful curves that you have in all the right places, then curvy modeling is for you! There is no room for a size zero in curvy modeling! Browse Curvy Models
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This modeling segment is also commonly referred to as a plus-size model and for those with a more voluptuous figure. Curvy models are individuals who are of average or larger weight and size compared to a typical fashion model. Typically this means being a size 12 and up with appropriate body proportions. Having healthy hair, skin, nails, and teeth as well as self-confidence is a must. This modeling segment continues to be steadily on the rise as we learn to be more accepting, realistic, and inclusive in the modeling industry. Global brands and designers big and small are looking for curvy models to work the runway, pose in magazine editorials, print campaigns, catalogs, and hired to shoot commercials. Some famous models in the plus-size industry include Emme, Ashley Graham, Tess Holiday, Rosie Mercado, Candice Huffine, and Tara Lynn.