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Looking for a way to blend the excitement and thrill of nightlife, interacting with plenty of people and getting paid!? Well, bottle service modeling may be right up your alley. Browse Bottle Service Models
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A bottle service model is there to help keep guests hydrated, happy and attended to. Bottle service models are attractive individuals that are hired to help provide an uplifting and exciting vibe and to keep the party pumping at the club. Bottle service modeling combines taking on the role of being a professional server as well as a visually appealing and high-quality representative of a nightclub or similar establishment. To be an effective bottle service model, you must have strong customer service skills and be able to manage, to serve and to take care of guests. You want to help guests have a great time while they are enjoying their night out and to encourage them to keep coming back for more! A bottle service model's central role is to take care of guests, create repeat customers, and to promote a fun, exciting, and attractive party environment. Many times, bottle service models take care of VIP guests, as they are paying extra for the added attention and extra level of service. You can find bottle service models at nightclubs, beach clubs, bars, and special events.