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This type of model is someone hired to help set the mood and mingle around at your next event or holiday party. Browse Ambiance Models
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The Model of 2019

Ambiance models are sometimes also hired with the purpose of representing a brand, so they need to look and behave according to precise standards. Atmosphere models should be able to keep good conversations going and to make sure all the guests are taken care of. They should engage with anyone, and do whatever it takes to help create the right vibe intended for the event, as instructed by their employer. People or companies who are looking for the right people to enhance the mood of their next event or party will significantly benefit from this service.

  • Subtypes include:
  • Bar Model
  • Beer Model
  • Beverage Model
  • Bottle Service Model
  • Dancer Model
  • Disco Model
  • Entourage Model
  • Lounge Model
  • Party Model
  • Pool Model