Denver Redhead Model

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Audra T


I'm just an Earth-bound Martian 🖖

  • Views: 2,812
  • Home City: Denver, CO
  • Travel: Local
  • Experience: Amateur
  • Type: Redhead Model
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5'09
  • Body Type: Curvy
  • Hair: Red
  • Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
  • 2nd Language: NA
  • Join Date: 02/2020
  • Other Cities: NA
  • Other Types: Brand Ambassador, Curvy Model, Tattoo Model

I'm an odd nugget, filled to the brim with sweetness, spice, and alllll things both naughty, and nice! I'm a bit awkward, but in the best ways! I tend to attract eyeballs whether I try to or not anytime I'm roaming amongst the humans of Earth. I try blending in, but seem to stick out like a sore thumb most of the time! This makes me a bit nervous, but my go-to defense is a big, bright, genuine smile that is ultra infectious!

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