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Hello from Salt Lake City, Utah. It is located in northern Utah and is the capital of the state. The city has almost 200,000 residents and features beautiful views of Salt Lake and two mountain ranges. The city is also known for the number of festivals it holds each year.

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Although Salt Lake City averages over 50 inches of snow per year, the warmer months are filled with many things to do throughout the city including utilizing the city’s parks. Be sure to check out Liberty Park and the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. For those adventurous models who want to be out about all the time, the number of festivals and celebrations in the city are numerous. From the annual Utah Arts Festival to something you may only see once in your lifetime; the Dark Arts Festival. There are two major sports teams in Salt Lake City, the Jazz in the NBA, and Real Salt Lake in the MLS. Salt Lake City is a wonderfully beautiful city with amazing scenery and plenty of action happening year round.