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Hello from Philadelphia, the sixth most populous city in the United States. Philly is a diverse and unique city with a lot of hidden gems and an amazing tie with history. After all, the signing of the Declaration of Independence took place at the Second Continental Congress that was held in Philadelphia.

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Philly is synonymous with cheesesteaks, but the City of Brotherly Love is more sophisticated than that. From the rich early American history that can be viewed in locations such as Philadelphia City Hall, to the modern amenities that such a large city can offer, Philly has it covered. Philly has five major league teams with the Union in the MLS, the Phillies in the MLB, the 76ers in the NBA, the Flyers in the NHL, and the Eagles in the NFL. Philadelphia has a booming nightlife with as many bars, nightclubs, and restaurants that anyone could want. There are over 15 colleges in the area and they enroll over 100,000 students in the city. Philadelphia is an amazing city with lots to offer and see.