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Welcome to Honolulu, the largest city in the state of Hawaii. Tourism of Hawaii is one of the main draws of the state and Honolulu justly receives a good portion of it. The islands of Hawaii are also known as having the best weather in the U.S.

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With a population of just under 400,000 people, Honolulu rivals the population of other major U.S. cities on the mainland. Even though the population is fairly large considering Hawaii's total population, models and photographers will be pleased to learn that Honolulu was rated the second safest city in the U.S. Models will also love how working outdoors year-round is possible due to Hawaii's beautiful weather and natural attractions. From the different varieties of palm trees to the bright blue water, white sand and unique wildlife, Hawaii is an absolute dream for outdoor photographers. Also because Honolulu is the major city on the islands, many jobs can be found there for local advertising and working with bigger companies. Honolulu also boasts several colleges and a few sports teams with passionate fan bases. Honolulu is everything you need as a model.