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Boston is one of those cities that everyone talks about when referring to America's best cities. With a great mix of population, interesting backdrops, booming arts, and entertainment industry, and championship winning professional sports teams, Boston is a models paradise.

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For amateur photographers and those looking to hire models for small and large projects, Boston is an amateur's dream city. Studio space and outdoor space combine to truly create a year-round paradise for every model and photographer out there. Also with the proximity of colleges including MIT, Harvard, BU, BC, and Northeastern, the number of small-time jobs is bountiful. On the professional side of things, the many sports teams and opportunities to work tradeshows and convention center jobs is a huge draw. The news and tv production industry is also a big-time player in Boston. Largely a sports city, Boston offers a lot of opportunity for those looking to get frequent work while also living in a big city.