What is Situational Modeling?
By Ariel D.

The Situational Model

Situational Modeling Is a staple of BookModels and one of the main reasons we are in business today. If there is a situation that needs a model, we have a solution for that situation. Whether it be a trade show, conference, party or special event, situational models, aka trade show models and promotional models are employed to engage and generate users into leads. Companies use Situational models all the time to promote their new product or special b2c event.

The Situational Model

Promo Models

The 3 main types of situational models that we are going to cover today are Promotional Models, Trade Show Models, and Spokes Models. There are still certain restrictions that may be placed with the client’s requests including height, weight and other physical restrictions.

  • Promotional Model - Promotional Models are the most popular form of situational, promo marketing and are most well known for their tv commercial, infomercial, and online video applications. As a promotional model, you will want to learn as much as you can about the product or brand you are promoting by reading relevant sites, blogs, and articles.
  • Trade Show Model - This type of model is huge in Las Vegas, the trade show capital of the West, and Orlando, The Trade Show Mecca of the East. There are an estimated 20,000 full-time trade show modeling jobs in the U.S, with the bulk of them being located in these 2 cities. This type of model is hired by companies to rep their brand and products at a trade show booth or trade show tent.
  • Spokes Model - This modeling segment will provide the fame, as well as very consistent work on a monthly basis. Unfortunately, this is a very small segment, with an estimated 800 full-time spokes models nationally. You will find high-end spokes model names at any big consumer, fashion, or organizational brand.

  • Promo Models