What Are Atmosphere Models?
By Ariel D.

Atmosphere Modeling

Everyone thinks of models as sexy women in revealing clothing who pose in front of the camera. But there are some models who do other things besides getting their pictures taken or videos recorded. Atmosphere models are hired to add beauty and excitement to the atmosphere of a particular environment, such as an event, party, or other types of social gathering. They do not strip or get naked but instead mingle with the guests of the party.

Atmosphere models are hired for party buses, nightclubs, cabanas, draft parties, corporate events, charity events, poker events, in-suite parties, and VIP Parties. A business person who wants to make their clients feel happy and excited will hire atmosphere models for their events. The models are not expected to do anything other than socializing with guests and spend time with them.

Atmosphere Modeling

What Is An Atmosphere Model?

The average atmosphere model gets paid about $200 to $300 per night. That is pretty good when you consider that she only has to talk to people at night. She doesn’t need to do anything else beyond that. If you’re an aspiring model and you want to ease your way into the industry, then look for modeling agencies that are hiring atmosphere models.

There is actually a bigger market for atmosphere models because a lot of them are usually needed for each event. An event host may be looking to hire anywhere from 5 to 10 atmosphere models for one event, depending on how many people are going to attend. This offers more employment opportunities to new models who want to build up their resume and portfolio.

The Qualities of an Atmosphere Model

Like all models, an atmosphere model must have a lot of self-confidence. They also need to possess something else that other models don’t have. They need to enjoy socializing with people from all walks of life. If an atmosphere model were to act introverted or unenthusiastic around people, then they won’t have much of a career in that field.

The main qualities of an atmosphere model include beauty, confidence, personality, intelligence, fashion, and communication. Traditional photo models only need to worry about beauty, confidence, and fashion. Atmosphere models have a lot more pressure on them because they need to make sure other people are having a good time. It is not enough to simply look attractive in this line of work. If they don’t know what to say or how to act around other people, then they will fail.

Places of Employment

The best place to find atmosphere modeling jobs is in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sin city is the capital for hosting events that require atmosphere models. Although you might find a lot of competition from other models, the number of job opportunities outweigh the competition.

Just keep yourself in good shape and practice your socializing skills if you don’t already have them. If you don’t think that you can talk with strangers and make them happy, then stick with traditional modeling instead. It takes the right kind of mindset to become an atmosphere model in the first place.

What Is An Atmosphere Model?