Using Social Media To Further Your Modeling Career
By Elisa C.

Share-Worthy Content

The world of professional modeling has gone through some radical changes over the past few years. Technology and social networking are among the main reasons why this industry is looking so different. Back in the day, models could not produce quality content on their own, not to mention the fact that it was virtually impossible to reach out to a broad audience. Today, even a smartphone could produce professional results in some cases, and aspiring models can gather thousands of followers with their socials. Keep reading to learn more about using social media to further your modeling career!

Share-Worthy Content

Social Media Posting Tips

Start With Great Content

  In the world of social media, content is king. You need to have some fantastic photos to begin with, although this doesn’t necessarily mean professional portfolio photographs. Even snapshots from your daily life can be extremely engaging for the audience, but they need to be accompanied by great captions and hashtags. Even smartphone pictures can have some production value. Learn how to use lighting and other techniques to get better shots of yourself, even with no budget at all.  

Know Where To Post

  Using the right platform is a must. Instagram and Youtube are among the best places on the web for models to post content. These platforms have the potential to let your content go viral and spark the interest of many people. In addition to that, websites such as Tumblr, Snapchat, or even newcomers to the game like TikTok can add something to your social media presence. It is essential to learn more about each platform and take advantage of the quirks that make each site special.  

Know When To Post

  The “when” is just as important as the “where.” People pay more attention to their social media at certain times of the day rather than others. They are also likely to check out their phones in their downtime from work, and away from public holidays, so it is essential to post the majority of your content whenever you expect more people to be interested.  

Engage With Your Audience

  Whenever possible, reply to comments and try to engage with your followers as much as you can personally. It would help if you did this, especially at the beginning of your career. Most social media platforms value engagement and interaction. For this reason, being active on that front could help you gain even more traction.

Social Media Posting Tips