Untold Negatives Of Fashion Modeling
By Elisa C.

Not All Glamour

You might look at professional models and think that their lifestyle is amazing. There is a common assumption that all models get paid a lot of money just to stand around and get their pictures taken by photographers. They also get to travel to foreign countries and become international celebrities. Who wouldn’t want to do all that, right?

Unfortunately, the world of modeling is not as glamorous as it might seem to someone on the outside. Below are 5 negative aspects of modeling that are never talked about.

Not All Glamour

5 Negative Factors Of Modeling

1) It is a Boring Job

The life of a model involves a lot of waiting around. Think about what a model does before and during a photoshoot. Before a photoshoot, they sit in a chair while the makeup artists and hairdressers get them all styled up. This could take a few hours in some cases.

During the photoshoot, a model has to wait for the photographer to set up their cameras to capture various shots and angles. Even during a runway show, models have to wait for a long time before they walk out on stage for only a minute or two. If you want to be a model, then learn to have patience.

2) It Offers Low Pay

Only the supermodels and celebrity models make millions of dollars. Most models, however, make much less than that. You may earn a few hundred dollars per photoshoot or commercial job. Since those jobs don’t come along every day, it wouldn’t be enough money to live on.

3) Invest Your Own Money

Modeling agencies require their models to pay for their own test photoshoots, videos, headshots, plane tickets, hotel rooms, and so on. These expenses can add up quickly if a model gets a job in another country.

On top of that, the modeling agency takes a huge commission out of their pay. After all is said and done, the model is left with very little money.

4) There is a Gender Pay Gap

Female models get paid more than male models. You might be an attractive young man who has potential as a model, but do not expect as many modeling opportunities as women have.

There are only three male models in the world who are millionaires, so that should tell you something.

5) It Takes Hard Work

It actually takes a lot of hard work and discipline to be a model. Even though the photoshoots and runways involve a lot of waiting, the work comes in the form of taking care of yourself.

Models must remain fit, healthy, and strong. This means dieting, exercising, and taking care of yourself. That is not easy for every model to do. Some models even develop eating disorders because of it.

5 Negative Factors Of Modeling