Unique Model Features
By Ariel D.

More Features in Demand

These days there are hundreds of more model types and segments then there were in the 90s. This means there are more inclusive features in demand. Not all of these features include physical appearance either. There are a lot of personality features that are not only required but trending over physical look features. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and explore the top 10 trending model features in today's ever-changing modeling industry.

More Features in Demand

Sex Sells, Still

  • Sex Appeal: You either have it or you don’t, and the past few years this is the most in-demand feature. This money making feature makes models more successful in almost every segment of modeling.
  • Full Lips: Full lips are trendy, the fad, and come on lip fillers everywhere I go. Full Lips can get you booked for all types of makeup, styling, hair, editorial, print and magazine jobs. Lips are sex and sex is selling.
  • Long Luscious Hair: Hair Models can attest, its long hair or go home. You can style long hair into short but not the other way around so versatility wins here. Spend the money and time on hair maintenance and grooming and reap the rewards with more modeling jobs.
  • Sleepy Eyes: Any model knows, that eyes are extremely important feature sets within the modeling community. The models set of eyes are the gateway and bridge between the end user and advertisement. Eyes are meant to catch and drag a user’s attention into fashion, ad, or even booth.

  • Sex Sells, Still