The Benefits of Being a Full-Time Model
By Ariel D.

Career Modeling

While being a part-time model certainly has its uses, being a full-time model can be a lot more beneficial for the furthering of a models career. Below are the listed benefits for what life would be like as a full-time model.

Career Modeling

Full-Time Vs. Part-Time Modeling

  • 1. Better pay – Being a part-time model can allow you to have a second or third job, it also robs you of the money you could be making as a full-time model. The average pay for a part-time could be as low as a few thousand dollars a year, excluding the model's other income. Conversely, a full-time model can earn as much as $20,000 annually on the low end.
  • 2. Better Flexibility with taking jobs – When a full-time model is popular and in demand, they have a lot more job offers than a part-time model. This allows for greater flexibility when choosing what jobs they want to take. A part-time model might be dependant on that income and often times they are seemingly forced to take jobs that might make them uncomfortable.
  • 3. Better Options Outside of the modeling world – With full-time modeling comes different avenues for income, both before and after the model retires from the modeling world. Many full-time models are able to levy their modeling popularity into other jobs such as acting, advertising or even fashion design. Working in the industry full time can also lead to gaining more knowledge of the industries that surround the modeling world, which in turn open more possibilities to them.
  • 4. Traveling – One of the greatest reasons to become a full-time model is traveling. While having business trips paid for is a fairly common benefit of working any full-time job, a full-time model may have the luxury of being sent to some of the most beautiful places in the world and getting paid to do so.

  • Full-Time Vs. Part-Time Modeling