Ten Social Apps To Grow Your Personal Brand
By Ariel D.

Social Influencer Apps

Branding is essential in the business world, and you always need to try and promote yourself online if you want people to know you. With that in mind, if you're going to expand your personal brand, showcase it online, and take it to the next level, you have to rely on the best social media platforms. And here are the ones you want to focus on.

Social Influencer Apps

Social Media Apps


Facebook has at least 2 billion users, and many of them use the platform daily. If you want to grow a personal brand, Facebook is the obvious choice, and it has the potential to get you close to people and connect you with millions.


We believe YouTube is maybe the best social app for personal brand growth. Here you can express yourself the way you want, and you can also connect with a massive range of people. This also helps you engage with viewers through comments, so it's exciting.


With Pinterest, you can easily set up a business account and showcase the content you are interested in. Pin stuff related to your ideas, achievements, and link to your website. It helps a lot, and it has the potential to really take your personal brand to the next level.


A lot of people use Medium for personal branding because it helps you establish your brand in any industry you want. You do need to post consistently on Medium, but it's certainly worth checking out.


Reddit is very similar to a Forum, and it does allow people to vote on every piece of content. This is a great place to connect with people, receive feedback, and try to help them the best way that you can. You just have to push the boundaries, and results can be stunning every time.


On Quora, you can answer questions and establish your personal brand rather quickly. It helps immensely, and it enables you to connect with people in a very distinctive and fun way. Another thing to note here is that you can answer insightful questions and easily connect with people.


If you're looking to establish your personal brand in front of a broad audience, Snapchat helps a lot. Here you have to post content daily, and you need to keep it fresh and exciting. Staying up to date with trends also comes in handy.


Since Instagram is a visual platform, you need to adapt your personal branding strategy. That means you must show your expertise through text captions, videos, and photos. Offering a perfect blend of business and personal content can be the way to go here.


LinkedIn helps you showcase your business ideas and achievements, projects, or anything else related to that. Posting often helps a lot, and you do need to be consistent. You can engage with groups and make connections here. LinkedIn certainly helps boost the power and credibility of your personal brand.


Twitter is used by many Startup founders to promote their brand. And since more than 40% of the Twitter users made a purchase due to a tweet, it's easy to see why this can be a fantastic platform for promoting your personal brand.

Social Media Apps

Conclusion: We encourage you to give these social apps a try if you want to boost the power of your personal brand. It will help a lot, and it will bring in the results and experience you want. It's incredible, unique, and it has the potential to help you fully establish yourself as a niche authority!