Risk Factors Of A Modeling Career
By Elisa C.

Modeling Risks

A modeling career might seem glamorous to a young adult. Unfortunately, the reality of modeling is anything but glamorous. Models are often subject to everything from sexual harassment to stereotypes and mistreatment. It is even worse if you’re a working model who doesn’t make a steady annual income because then you need to take more temp jobs where you’re more likely going to be mistreated by the employer or their customers.

To give you an idea of what models go through, below are the top 4 risk factors of pursuing a modeling career.

Modeling Risks

Myths Of Present Day Modeling

1) Lack Of Diversity And Inclusion

Traditionally speaking, most of the famous models in the world have been Caucasian, thin, tall, and female. Sadly, the world of modeling has a lack of diversity until recently. If you’re an aspiring model who is African American, Asian American, or Hispanic American, then in the past you might have found it more difficult to get hired as a model Most modeling agencies traditionally did not like to diversify their models.

2) No Job Security

If you’re serious about pursuing a career as a model, then get used to having no solid long term job security. Models are independent contractors who have to keep looking for modeling gigs. And even if you get hired, you may be required to pay your own money to travel to different locations for the work.

3) Unethical Modeling Agencies

Since it is difficult to get hired by a professional and reputable modeling agency, a lot of aspiring models tend to get scammed by lesser-known modeling agencies out of desperation of getting hired. You must be careful because a lot of these shady modeling agencies will charge you outrageous commissions while leaving you with barely any money after your work is over.

4) Sexual Assault and Harassment is Common

Models are beautiful women and men. Naturally, there are going to be characters who’ll cross the line and try to put their hands on them or sometimes even do more than that. As a model, you need to be prepared for what men might do to you at photoshoots or even at large gatherings or events.

Myths Of Present Day Modeling