Modeling Terminology 101
By Elisa C.

Modeling Terms

How models and employers talk in the modeling world is a bit more complex than just "That's hot" or "Work it." Below are some basic terms that you will encounter when entering the modeling world.

Modeling Terms

Key Model Terms

  • Book - An alternative name for a traditional or physical portfolio.
  • Buy out - Compensation to use an ad or image in perpetuity.
  • Comp card - A business card for models.
  • Editorial image - A photo that is used within a publication.
  • Fit Modeling - Modeling for a specifically sized wardrobe.
  • Go-see - A casting call or audition usually held before anyone is hired.
  • Model release form - A legal contract giving an entity copyrights to the model's image or photos.
  • One-plus-one - A common scenario where a model is booked for an hour with the possibility of working an extra hour.
  • Square shot - The face and/or body are positioned facing directly at the lens.
  • Tear sheet - A hard copy of a publication usually torn out of a magazine. Proof that you worked with those companies and got published.
  • Ad usage - The frequency and medium in which an advertisement using a models image will run for.

  • Key Model Terms