Modeling Industry by the Numbers
By Ariel D.

General Growth in the Modeling Industry

There is truly no better time to become a model than now. Through the growth of capitalist countries and the advent of social media and the internet, the modeling industry is growing constantly and becoming more diverse. New opportunities are springing up every day with new companies and industries demanding the use of part and full-time models. In 2018 alone, it's estimated that there are over 10,000 full-time models worldwide. About half of those models work full time in the United States. While this may seem discouraging to some, as the number of full-time models is relatively small, the vast majority of models work part-time. It is estimated that there are about 250,000 models worldwide that work part-time. The United States alone is home to over 100,000 of those models.

General Growth in the Modeling Industry

Breakdown of Modeling Industry 2019-2020

  • -Fashion/Clothing: 15%
  • -Social Media Influencers: 15%
  • -Advertising, Print & Editorial: 10%
  • -Trade Shows & Conferences: 10%
  • -Bars, Clubs & Nightlife: 10%
  • -Modeling Agencies: 5%
  • -Commercials, TV Shows, Video: 5%
  • -Lingerie/Swimsuit: 5%
  • -Web, Online & Digital Ad: 5%
  • -All Other Model Segments: 20%

  • Breakdown of Modeling Industry 2019-2020