How To Become A Lingerie Model?
By Elisa C.

Lingerie Modeling

Do you dream about becoming a lingerie model? Does it sound like fun to wear sexy lingerie while having your picture taken? Clothing companies reach out to modeling agencies to find them lingerie models who can model their undergarments, bathing suits, and exotic wear. Every company has its own unique specifications for who they hire as a lingerie model.

Traditionally, lingerie models have been physically fit women with small waists, tight posteriors, clear skin, good size busts, long hair, and sexy skin. Although this demand still exists, there is also a demand for plus size models now. These are women who are 10 or 20 pounds overweight, but not obese. Since many female consumers have a little extra curves on them, clothing companies want to showcase models who look more like their customers.

After all, a sexy lingerie model with a thin waist is more enticing to men than to women. That doesn’t help very much in this market because women are the ones who purchase the lingerie being advertised by the models. Therefore, if you are a young model with a little extra weight on their bones, do not feel discouraged. There are companies and modeling agencies looking for plus size models too.

Lingerie Modeling

4 Steps To Lingerie Modeling

The Steps to Becoming a Lingerie Model

Okay, so how does one go about becoming a lingerie model? Let’s go over some of the steps below.

1) Build Your Confidence

Modeling isn’t all about having the right type of body. You must have a lot of self-confidence too. This must be evident to the photographer, producer, platform, agency, and everyone else involved. A model without confidence does not give off a positive vibe.

To build your confidence, record yourself in front of the camera as you model various articles of clothing. Get used to the feeling of modeling clothes as a camera is pointed at you. That goes a long way.

2) Enter Beauty Contests

Find beauty contests and pageants within your local area (or any place you’re willing to go). Read the prerequisites for entering the beauty contest to make sure you’re eligible. If you are eligible, then sign up and participate in the contest. This will get you accustomed to having people watch you as you stand on stage half-naked.

Search the internet to find these contests.

3) Eating and Exercising

You shouldn’t automatically aim to become a plus-size model. Your odds of getting hired as a lingerie model are always better if you have a sexy body. The only way to get a sexy body is to maintain a nutritious diet of vegetables and fruits. Avoid processed foods and other junk foods.

In addition, do at least 30 minutes of intense exercising each day. Some models get involved with CrossFit training or interval training to trim down the extra weight. Hire a personal trainer to guide you if you’re struggling with weight issues.

As you continue to eat right and exercise, it will naturally cleanse your skin in the process. Then you will have clearer skin than you ever had before.

4) Apply at Modeling Platforms & Agencies

If you conduct a simple internet search, you can find lingerie modeling agencies in every city in the country. Visit their websites and look for job postings or applications. Review their eligibility requirements.

You may be asked to make a demo tape of yourself, so be ready for that. Submit the materials they ask for and wait for their response. Apply to several agencies, but beware of scammers. Look up the reviews of the agencies to ensure they’re authenticity.

4 Steps To Lingerie Modeling