Do's and Don'ts of Becoming a Model
By Elisa C.

Do Your Research

Becoming a model can seem very scary at first especially because its something you mostly do on your own and there's no real way to go about it correctly. While there are some general things to stay away from and there are some general things you can do, its all about you and how comfortable you feel about things. Luckily, we here at BookModels, have compiled a basic list for you and also made the process safer through our model profile and identity verification system.

Do Your Research

Do's and Dont's

  • DO get evaluated by experienced industry veterans. Evaluation by multiple scouts, agents or managers is a great way to get initial feedback for free. The feedback may be a simple yes, no, or no response at all, but that is super valuable in determining what type of modeling segments you want to focus on. Never pay for initial feedback, and instead spend time on sites like BookModels for networking and gaining exposure.
  • DO work with only reputable modeling agencies. This also applies to any type of potential client that you will be working with. Do your research! BookModels has tools, education and identity verification in place to help verify the identity, background, and reputation of a potential client, ad agency, photographer or company.
  • DO have fun in your modeling career adventure and exploration. How can you have fun? It's simple! Exposure! The more exposure you get, especially online, at sites like BookModels, the more doors will open, the more messages will be received, the more jobs will be booked and ultimately the more heads that will be turned and contracts signed.
  • DO NOT pay for modeling schools or training. Unless there is a good reason too, and the school has a verifiable reputation, track record and past clients that they can demonstrate future success with. BookModels has scoured the U.S. for value-added training and school, and there is a short list.
  • DO NOT pay for expensive photo-shoots. There are plenty of photographers and services that will help you for free. Check out BookModels for a slew of free resources and photographers on how to create a set of proper photos for a portfolio book.
  • DO NOT do anything you aren't comfortable with. If a photographer says you need to do a couple of topless photos, but you didn't agree to it, don't do it. That goes without saying if someone asks you to push something further and you're willing to oblige then make sure your pay reflects that. If you spend extra time with a company and you're being paid by the hour, make sure to get your ample pay. It's pretty naive to say that no one in life won't take advantage of you and when it comes to the nature of modeling industry, models can sometimes be pushed in directions they don't want to be pushed in. Stick to your morals and your guns and always stand up for yourself.

  • Do

    Remember, everyone's story is unique in regards to how they started in the modeling industry. Forge your own path, but be smart and always have a plan in place.