Common Mistakes With Modeling
By Elisa C.

Newb Mistakes

As glamorous as it is made to appear, the modeling agency is actually a business. Just like any business, to land the job requires knowing the industry, understanding how to make yourself look like the most appealing candidate for the job and how to present yourself during an interview. Here are some common mistakes with modeling that newbies make.

Newb Mistakes

4 Amateur Modeling Mistakes

Shelling out unnecessary money

Like any job, there may be a few expenses. You may need to buy a suit to look professional at an interview, for instance. In modeling, however, many are fooled into thinking they must pay exorbitant amounts of money to take modeling classes or top pay for expensive photo shoots. None of this is necessary. A legitimate modeling agency only needs you to submit simple snapshots that reveal who you really are with little to no makeup. The agent will be looking at bone structure and body proportions. Lighting that is artificial or Photoshopped images will be of no use to them and will most likely be discarded before even taking time to be considered.

Bad first impression

While the snapshots you send to an agent need to be basic and show off who you are at the core, they do need to still be in focus and done against a plain background as opposed to one that will distract. Make sure your hair is clean and groomed but not styled and that they are not a selfie or revealing too much unnecessary skin.


Remember, at all times that you are being observed to determine whether or not you will be a good fit with an agency. This requires more than a stunning snapshot. Always present yourself as nothing short of professional in any correspondence between the agent and yourself, whether it be letters, emails, or texts. Never share too much personal information or personal life drama. No one needs to know this to land a modeling job. Also, never be blindsided and so over-eager that you step into a less-than-professional agency. Remember that you should never stoop to believing an agency that asks for nude shots is legit. Keep correspondence short and to the point, including basic contact information and necessary statistics such as age and height. For women, include basic stats such as bust, waist, and hip measurements. For men, include chest size, waist measurements, and jacket size.

Feeling rejected and giving up

It’s best to develop thick skin and allow rejection or negative comments to roll right off. The modeling industry and rejection go hand in hand, but know that this is never intended to be a personal dejection or judgment of your self-worth. Take every “no” to be one step closer to a final “yes!” Even supermodel Gisele was rejected 42 times before landing her highly successful career.

Never limit your exposure. Not every model is meant to be part of every market, but there is a market that is right for you. Sometimes it will require a continuous effort. It often takes more than one snapshot submission to be given a chance in front of the camera. Get as much exposure to as many agents or scouts as possible. If you give up too soon, you will never attain what you’re after.

4 Amateur Modeling Mistakes